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Unveiling Classics with Retro Cigar Packaging Two years ago, the Feria Internacional de La Habana marked a significant resurgence, reintroducing the Romeo y Julieta Club Kings and Partagás Capitols, complete with their retro cigar packaging. These cigars are more than just tobacco products; they are emblems of the Cuban cigar industry’s storied heritage, wrapped in a design that revives the classic elegance of the past.

Retro Redefined The ‘Línea Retro’ collection stands out with its distinctive metal tins, a salute to the vintage charm of the 1970s. The design of these tins, coupled with the quality of the cigars within, excites collectors and cigar enthusiasts alike, offering a tangible piece of history.

The Mareva Standard At 5 inches by 42 ring gauge, the mareva size is a celebrated Cuban tradition. Partagás honors this tradition by reintroducing the mareva to its lineup, a move that reflects the brand’s dedication to classic cigar crafting.

UK’s Exclusive Taste In the UK, the exclusive availability of Romeo y Julieta Club Kings reflects the British connoisseurs’ deep appreciation for fine tobacco and the unique retro cigar packaging that sets these products apart.

Experience History These cigars offer an experience that transcends smoking. They are a ticket back to the 1970s, an era renowned for its elegance and style, captured beautifully in the retro packaging.

Conclusion: Timeless Elegance In conclusion, the Romeo y Julieta Club Kings and Partagás Capitols transcend mere taste; they are an invitation to immerse oneself in the timeless elegance of the Cuban cigar industry. Each puff takes aficionados a step back into a golden age, with the retro cigar packaging enhancing every moment of the journey.

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