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John F Kennedy and Cuban Cigars | The Cigar Holder London
John F Kennedy secured 1200 Cuban cigars before the trade embargo

President John F Kennedy secured 1,200 H Upmann cigars for himself just hours before signing the trade embargo with Cuba on February 7, 1962.

Salinger, who entered the White House in 1961 as a head of press, remembers being called into President Kennedy’s office one February evening and asked to secure around 1000 H Upmann Petit Coronas cigars.

Salinger worked overnight and managed to secure the cigars and the next morning was summoned into President Kennedy’s office.

Once Salinger confirmed to Kennedy that cigars have been secured the decree banning all Cuban cigars and other products from the United States was signed.

The story of Kennedy’s cigars reemerged in 2012 as the United States rolled into its 50th year of the trade embargo with Cuba.

We only can hope the American administration will move to ease the Cuban trade embargo in order to create economic opportunities for both Americans and Cubans alike.

The full interview with Salinger can be found in Cigar Aficionado Magazine





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