La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull: A Premier Cigar Choice

Andalusian Bull
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Introduction: Unveiling the Andalusian Bull Discover the crown jewel of La Flor Dominicana’s impressive collection: the Andalusian Bull. This cigar transcends ordinary smoking experiences, marking a journey into the realm of exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled taste.

Appearance: A Unique Aesthetic The Andalusian Bull stands out with its eye-catching red and brown wrapper. Its complex ‘Salomone’ shape challenges even the most skilled artisans in cigar factories. Featuring an emerald green band adorned with the “LFD” initials, this cigar proudly showcases its La Flor Dominicana heritage.

Specifications: Crafting Excellence

  • Length: 6 1/2″
  • Ring Gauge: 64
  • Wrapper Origin: Ecuador
  • Binder Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Filler Origin: Dominican Republic

Each element of the Andalusian Bull has been meticulously selected to ensure a premium smoking experience, from its Ecuadorian wrapper to its rich Dominican filler.

Flavour Profile: Upon lighting the Andalusian Bull, aficionados are greeted with a slow-burning, full-bodied experience. This cigar’s strength and complexity grow with each puff, weaving together a rich tapestry of flavors. Notes of black pepper, coffee, cedar, hickory, leather, cinnamon, and a subtle sweetness dance harmoniously, creating a luxurious taste experience.

The Experience: An Award-Winning Journey The Andalusian Bull’s journey from the first light to the final draw is nothing short of extraordinary. Clinching the No. 1 spot in 2016, this cigar stands as a testament to La Flor Dominicana’s blending mastery. Its balance and flavor diversity showcase why it remains a favorite among cigar connoisseurs.

Recommended for: A Choice for Connoisseurs Targeted towards the seasoned smoker, the Andalusian Bull promises an immersive and satisfying experience. To fully appreciate its depth and richness, we recommend enjoying a hearty meal before savoring this exceptional cigar.

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