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At The Cigar Holder, we value our customers’ loyalty and are excited to offer you a way to earn rewards with every purchase. Introducing our Cigar Loyalty Points program – a token of our appreciation for your continued support.

How the Cigar Loyalty Points Program Benefits You

  • Earn While You Shop: For every £1 spent online, collect 1 point. Accumulate these points to save on future purchases.
  • Launch Date: The program commenced on 29th July 2022. All purchases made since this date are eligible for points.

Redeeming Your Points Use your earned points to pay for any items at The Cigar Holder London. The redemption process is simple and integrated into our checkout. If your points don’t cover the total cost, just choose another payment method for the balance. Your points will directly reduce your order’s total value.

Program Details:

  • No Points on Taxes and Shipping: Points are earned on the product value, excluding taxes and shipping fees.
  • Discounted Products Qualify: Earn points even on discounted items.
  • Exclusively Online: This program is available for online purchases only.

Enrich Your Shopping Experience Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most of your purchases. For any enquiries about our Cigar Loyalty Points, feel free to contact us. Your journey towards exclusive rewards starts now!

Start Earning Today! Visit The Cigar Holder London, browse our selection of premium cigars, samplers, and luxury leather cases, and begin earning your Cigar Loyalty Points with every purchase. Join our rewards program today and turn your love for cigars into even more enjoyable experiences!

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