Xikar Spark Plug Punch Cutter

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£ 52.99

Brand: Xikar
Punch Cut: 11 mm
Dimensions: 6.5 x 2 x 1 cm
Weight: 112 g
Material: metal
Packaging: gift box

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Crafted with utmost precision, the Xikar Spark Plug Punch Cutter embodies both innovation and style. Its design, reminiscent of a spark plug found in combustion engines, not only adds a unique aesthetic but also signifies robustness. This product stands out for its 11mm blade, the largest in XIKAR’s range. Featuring a seamless twist action, the blade can be exposed or concealed effortlessly. Moreover, the cutter offers versatility. Users can adjust the depth of their punch cut with ease, thanks to three variable locking positions. This feature allows for a customised cut, enhancing the cigar smoking experience.

Furthermore, Xikar Spark Plug Punch Cutter durability is a key aspect of this product. The all-stainless steel body ensures the razor-sharp cylindrical blade is well protected. An innovative ball-bearing adjustment system is employed, which not only enhances the blade’s operation but also locks it securely when not in use. This ensures safety during transport.

Convenience has been thoughtfully considered in the design. A heavy-duty key ring is integrated, making the cutter portable and resilient against the elements. This practicality is matched with an aesthetic appeal, as the cutter is available in striking red/black and white/blue colour combinations.

Lastly, the XIKAR Lifetime Warranty is a testament to the product’s quality, offering customers peace of mind with their purchase. This warranty underscores XIKAR’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability.


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