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In an exciting twist of fashion events, PUMA and NOAH are bringing their collaborative genius with the all-new PUMA NOAH sneakers. Their ambition? To release three fresh takes on the iconic Clyde sneaker. This collaboration stands out as these shoes are masterfully crafted in Japan, known for its impeccable craftsmanship, thus guaranteeing an edge of excellence.

Let’s delve into what each sneaker brings to the table:

  1. Classic Black & White: The first design keeps things classic with a neat black and white colour scheme. But, this isn’t just any regular sneaker. It boasts a top-quality leather covering, detailed with even stitches all over. On its side, you can spot the NOAH logo imprinted subtly, while the heel showcases PUMA’s mark in gleaming gold.
  2. Vibrant Yellow & Black: If you’re someone who likes a bit of pop in your footwear, this one’s for you. This sneaker combines a bold yellow with black and is made of soft suede. To spice things up, they’ve added some leather contrasts. And guess what? The inside has a funky leopard print! The PUMA logo, this time, is in a cool rubber design on the heel.
  3. Cool Navy Blue: The last version brings a calm navy blue shade. Crafted with fine suede and even stitches, it’s for those who appreciate understated elegance. Like the first, this sneaker too, has the NOAH logo on the side and the PUMA branding in gold on the heel.

Every sneaker in this trio promises not just style but comfort too. They come with a cork footbed to cushion your steps and a specially designed insole marking the PUMA-NOAH team-up.

Wondering when you can get your hands on these? Mark your calendars for March 18th, 2023. But remember, they won’t be everywhere. You can find them at some select stores and, of course, on the PUMA and NOAH websites. Happy shopping!

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