Racing Against Time: The Restored 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog Sets its Sights on 200 MPH

Prepare to be amazed as Classic Motor Cars pours over 7,000 hours into the restoration of an angular supercar—the Aston Martin Bulldog. But this restoration is far from just a display piece.

In an exciting announcement, Classic Motor Cars reveals their plans to unleash the full potential of this remarkable vehicle. According to Road & Track, they are gearing up for a daring 200 mph run with the Bulldog next week. This ambitious goal harks back to the original intention set for this extraordinary one-off when it was first built in 1979.

The Bulldog stands as a captivating enigma in Aston Martin’s illustrious history. Designed by William Towns, this wedge-shaped coupe was Aston Martin’s audacious quest to create the fastest car in the world. Upon its grand unveiling in 1980, the automaker boldly declared its aspiration to be the first car to surpass 200 mph. Unfortunately, the Bulldog fell short, peaking at 192 mph. Aston Martin made the difficult decision to halt the project earlier than anticipated due to its prohibitive price. Originally intended for a limited production run of 10 to 15 units, the Bulldog remained a solitary symbol of automotive excellence.

Classic Motor Cars, however, believes they can finally unlock the Bulldog’s true potential. After years of dedicated restoration work, the UK-based shop is determined to push the boundaries and propel the vehicle to its long-awaited 200 mph achievement. Recent testing has shown promising results, with the 44-year-old Bulldog breaking the 170 mph barrier.

The journey continues to fine-tune the Bulldog for its epic speed quest. While its retrofuturistic appearance remains unchanged from the 1980s, the powertrain has undergone significant upgrades. The twin-turbo 5.3-liter V-8 engine has been meticulously rebuilt, now featuring a modern fuel injection system. Additionally, the five-speed manual gearbox has been strengthened to withstand the immense forces. These modifications hold the promise of boosting the output from 600 to an impressive 650 horsepower.

While the restored Bulldog has already received acclaim at events like the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, breaking the 200 mph barrier is the ultimate goal that Classic Motor Cars has been tirelessly working towards.

Stay tuned as the Aston Martin Bulldog embarks on its historic quest, aiming to shatter records and cement its place in automotive history.

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