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Ramon Allones Specially Selected Review - The Cigar Holder
Ramon Allones Specially Selected Review - The Cigar Holder London

The Ramon Allones Specially Selected cigar has a long history and has become a firm favorite among beginners and those who have spent years developing their cigar collecting skills.

The popularity of this cigar has stood the test of time. Released in 1930 it still delights almost 100 years later.

With a 50-ring gauge and 4 7/8 inches in length, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected offers around 45 minutes of enjoyment time. The flavored blend of this cigar will pair well with a strong roast coffee in the morning but really shines when paired with whisky or rum in the evening.

Construction – The body of this cigar was well-built and well-kept, with a perfect spring to the touch and a good colorado hue to the wrapper. There was a slightly rustic grain to the touch, although no veins in the leaf.

Draw – Immediately upon lighting the smoke flowed through the stick beautifully. For the duration of the smoke, there was no difficulty with the draw.

Burn – The burn of this stick was exactly what we look for in a cigar; there was no deviation in the ring as it gently smoldered down the body nor did the burn at any stage become too quick, resulting in the smoke being hot and bitter.

Flavor – The strength we expect from Ramon Allones was evident from the outset and built wonderfully as the cigar progressed. Earthy, spicy, and fragrant, this was a delicious afternoon treat.

It had been so long since the last cigar that I was eager to ignite this one.

It can be simple to forget the cigars that first started our passion for Habanos in a world where each Cuban brand has a variety of vitolas and where limited and regional editions can catch our gaze with their splendor and exclusivity.

The RASS served as a reminder of this foolishness; the first third instantly revealed toasty and earthy aromas with a mild peppery touch on the front of the tongue. Coffee and nutmeg started to grow in the middle of the cigar, giving the experience a new level. The flavour grew stronger and the earthy undertones reappeared in the final third, making for a fantastic, rich conclusion.

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