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The Ramon Allones Specially Selected cigar, a timeless classic since 1930, remains a favourite among both beginners and seasoned aficionados. Nearly a century later, its allure continues, testament to its enduring appeal.

Measuring 50-ring gauge and 4 7/8 inches, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected provides roughly 45 minutes of pure enjoyment. Its flavourful blend is perfect for morning coffee or an evening pairing with whisky or rum.

Construction: Expertly crafted, the cigar boasts a firm yet springy body with a pleasing Colorado hue. Its slightly rustic texture adds character without any prominent veins.

Draw: From the first light, the cigar offers a smooth, unobstructed draw, maintaining this ease throughout the smoke.

Burn: The burn is exemplary, consistent and even, without any rapid burning that could lead to a hot, bitter taste.

Flavour Profile: True to Ramon Allones’ reputation, the cigar starts strong and intensifies beautifully. Earthy and spicy with a fragrant aroma, it’s an ideal choice for an afternoon indulgence. The initial third greets you with toasty, earthy notes and a hint of pepper. As it burns, coffee and nutmeg emerge, elevating the experience. The final third brings back the earthy tones for a rich, satisfying finish.

In a world of endless Cuban vitolas and limited editions, it’s easy to overlook the classics that sparked our cigar passion. The RASS is a reminder of what we first loved – a cigar that combines tradition with an ever-evolving flavour journey.

For aficionados and newcomers alike, the Ramon Allones Specially Selected is available at The Cigar Holder. Browse our selection of cigars, samplers, and premium leather accessories.

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