Romeo y Julieta Cigars: A Timeless Legacy in the Cigar World

Romeo y Julieta cigars
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Romeo y Julieta cigars, a renowned brand, first emerged in the 1850s. Inocencio Alvarez Rodriguez and Jose “Manin” Garcia Garcia, inspired by Shakespeare’s iconic play, created this brand. In 1873, they officially registered it at No. 87 San Rafael Street, Havana.

The turn of the century marked a significant change. Jose Rodriguez Fernandez, also known as “Don Pepin,” bought the factory. His charisma and business acumen quickly elevated Romeo y Julieta to global fame. Particularly in the 1940s and 1950s, the brand specialized in figurado shape cigars. Remarkably, they produced over 1000 different vitolas before the Cuban Revolution.

Adapting Through Times: Post-Revolution Excellence

After the Revolution, Romeo y Julieta maintained its appeal and even gained popularity. In response to changing tastes, the brand shifted away from less popular figurado shapes in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Unparalleled Aroma and Flavor of Romeo Cigars

Romeo y Julieta cigars stand out for their robust, complex flavor profile. They harmoniously blend floral, nutty, herbal, and fruity notes with rich cocoa, coffee, and vanilla undertones. This unique blend defines the unmistakable “Rome” style.

Besides their depth of flavor, these cigars are also known for their aging potential. Most varieties reach their peak between 3 to 5 years, yet they can improve for over 20 years, showcasing their lasting quality.

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