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Since its inception in 1840 by German entrepreneur Stockmann, Punch cigars have etched an indelible mark in the cigar industry’s history. Often associated with the iconic Mr. Punch from the UK’s famous puppet show, the brand’s name predates the British comic magazine “Punch,” further cementing its unique identity.

Pre-Revolution Era

Punch cigars, known for their robust taste, quickly became a favorite in the British market. The brand’s journey through various owners, including Luis Corujo and Manuel Lopez Fernandez, reflects its resilience and commitment to quality. The factory, originally located at 38 Gervasio street, stood as a testament to its growing legacy.

However, the 1929 stock market crash brought financial challenges, leading to the acquisition of Punch by “Fernandez & Palicio y Cia, S. en C”. Despite these hardships, the 1930s saw Punch, alongside brands like Belinda and Hoy de Monterrey, become a cornerstone in Fernandez Palicio y Cia’s portfolio. This period solidified Punch’s status, especially among British aficionados, as a premium brand.

Post-Revolution Adaptation

Post-Revolution, Punch maintained its production, albeit with some model reductions in the 70s and 80s. Remarkably, its blend remained consistent, a rarity among cigars that often shifted to milder blends post-1995. This consistency is a testament to the brand’s dedication to its original flavor profile.

Defining Characteristics

Punch cigars are distinguished by their pronounced woody flavors, subtly sweet undertones, and balanced medium tobacco taste. Their aging potential is exceptional, with flavors that evolve beautifully over 3 to 5 years, and even more so when aged in cedar cabinets for up to 20 years. This aging process imparts a taste reminiscent of aged Scotch whiskey, particularly unique to Punch cigars.


Punch cigars have journeyed from humble origins to becoming a favorite among enthusiasts. They embody quality, resilience, and exceptional flavor. Looking for premium or budget-friendly cigars? The Cigar Holder provides a wide selection for all preferences. It’s not just a store, but a destination where tradition and modernity meet. Every cigar lover will find something special here.

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