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Introduction to the Sick Period

The ‘Sick Period in Cigars’ is a critical phase every cigar enthusiast should be aware of. This period occurs right after a cigar is made, marked by a distinct ammoniac smell. This odour is a natural result of the cigar fermentation process, but it can be off-putting. Understanding and managing this period is key to enhancing your cigar experience.

The Influence of Fermentation and Storage

Fermentation’s Role in the Sick Period

Fermentation speed and storage methods greatly affect how long this period lasts. Effective management of these aspects can significantly reduce the duration of the sick period, enhancing the cigar’s overall quality.

Techniques for Minimising the Ammoniac Aroma

Ventilation’s Importance

Proper air circulation is key to shortening the sick period. Ammonia, being highly volatile, dissipates quickly in well-aired environments.

Temperature Management

Storing cigars in a slightly warmer setting can help evaporate ammonia faster, thereby reducing the sick period. However, it’s important to balance this to avoid negatively impacting the cigar’s ageing process.

Regular Exposure to Air

Occasionally opening your cigar humidor or box can let out ammonia, speeding up the end of the sick period. This should be done carefully to maintain the quality of the ageing process.

Long-Term Ageing and the Sick Period

Balancing Immediate and Long-Term Effects

Shortening the sick period is beneficial, but it’s essential to consider its impact on long-term ageing. Most cigars will lose their ammoniac smell significantly within a few months, with a near-total reduction by the end of the first year. Milder cigars may require even less time.


Navigating the Sick Period for Optimal Enjoyment

It’s advisable to avoid consuming cigars during the sick period. Understanding and managing this phase is crucial for both enjoying and properly storing your cigars. These strategies ensure that your cigars mature ideally for a premium smoking experience.

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