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Cigars First Maturation

The Cigar first maturation is the result of the ongoing fermentation after the cigar has been made.

Cigars continue to generate pleasant aromas and flavors as a result of the continuous fermentation. These flavors thus increase in intensity with time. And bitterns, believed to be taste of nicotine, becomes less and less as fermentation causes nicotine to be broken down into simpler molecules.

As time goes by, fermentation slows down as fewer and fewer raw materials are available. The rate of generation of these flavours becomes slower and slower.

At the same time, these flavors are lost continuously through evaporation, oxidation, chemical reactions, self-degradation etc.

The first maturity is the time when a cigar is most ” flavorsome”.

This occurs when pleasant flavors cannot be generated by fermentation at a rate fast enough to cover the continuous loss.

This exact time is, needless to say, different which each cigar, with the individual preference of different pleasant flavors, and the personal tolerance of the bitter and harsh tannic tastes.

For most ”mild”cigars, the first maturation time is around 2 to 3 years in Semi Plain Boxes, 4 to 5 in Cabinets.

For ”medium” cigars like Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, H. Upmann, etc. the first maturation time is around 5 years in Semi Plain Boxes, 6 to 8 years in Cabinets.

For stronger cigars like Bolivar, Partagas and Punch, the maturity is around 7 to 8 years in Semi Plain Boxes, 10 to 15 years in Cabinets.

The actual time of course varies with each different model within the brand and with different types of packaging

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