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Cigars Second Maturation

The Cigar Second Maturation is the result of degradation of tannin and the interaction of its end products with the flavors generated by fermentation.

All young cigars have a ”tannic” taste, to a different degree. An excessive tannic taste is dry on the mouth, green and harsh. It can only be tasted by tongue, as experiments have shown that the nose or the pharynx is incapable of smelling the tannic taste.

The woody sweetness is formed by the degradation of tannin. These woody sugars continue to replenish the loss of sweetness generated by the fermentation process, and they have a different taste.

Like in a great wine, it may take a long time for the harsh tannic taste in a Havana to mellow. The tannic taste might not necessarily be considered bad, and might even be pleasing to some smokers.

The second maturation is defined, as the time when the total pleasant flavors formed by the interaction between the end products of fermentation and the breaking down of tannin long-chain polymers reach peak level.

A cigar at the second maturity is very smooth, extremely mellow, complex, classy and elegant.

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