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Quintero Cigars History – A Blend of Tradition and Excellence

In 1924, Agustin Quintero, alongside his brother, laid the foundation of a cigar factory in Cienfuegos, a quaint southern coastal town situated west of Pinar del Rio. Though the precise date of Quintero Cigars’ registration remains a mystery, it’s widely accepted that the brand was birthed in the same year. Agustin’s expertise in tobacco selection, particularly his preference for the finest 100% Vuelta Abajo tobacco, swiftly garnered the brand’s popularity, especially amongst the Spanish populace. By the time of the Cuban Revolution, Quintero had already achieved the status of a significant export brand, with Spain being its primary market.

Enduring the Test of Time: Quintero Cigars Post-Revolution

Remarkably, the production of Quintero Cigars remained uninterrupted in the post-Revolution era. Around the late 1970s, the brand streamlined its offerings to ten distinct models. This range included six hand-made variants – Brevas, Churchills, Coronas, Coronas Selectas, Media Coronas, and Media Coronas Selectas, complemented by four machine-made versions.

The Distinctive Taste of Quintero Cigars

Quintero Cigars are renowned for their raw, robust tobacco flavour. They exhibit an initial taste intensity surpassing even that of Bolivar and Partagas. What sets Quintero apart is its pronounced grassy note, a characteristic not found in the latter brands. This blend of strong earthy tones and grassy nuances conjures a unique ‘countryside’ ambiance, reminiscent of the native soil’s aroma. Such a distinct flavour profile is exclusive to Quintero. Moreover, younger Quintero cigars possess a certain bitterness and tannic quality, which may not appeal to all but are particularly favoured by Spanish and Cuban aficionados.

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