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When it comes to the world of cigars, the act of enjoying a Habano is a cherished ritual. Whether it’s morning, noon, or night, the experience of enjoying a Habano is a moment that aficionados hold dear.

Liquors or spirits such as Malt Whiskies, fine Cognacs, or Vintage Ports have been the traditional companions for cigars. However, in recent years, there has been a growing interest in broadening the horizons of Habanos smokers and discovering new ways of enjoying a Habano.

At the forefront of this flavour adventure are the Habanosommeliers. Once a rarity in the previous century, today, most of the finest restaurants in the world that cater to cigar enthusiasts require their sommeliers or wine waiters to possess in-depth knowledge of Habanos and the art of enjoying a Habano.

Since 2002, Habanos S.A. has organised a global competition for Habanosommeliers. Winners from numerous regional contests worldwide converge in Havana during the Festival del Habano to determine the world champion of the year. Contestants must have a profound understanding of Cuban tobacco cultivation and cigar craftsmanship. They must be well-versed in every size offered by the leading Habanos brands and be able to discern their unique flavours.

Each contestant is tasked with:

Presenting a personalised recommendation for an ideal pairing of a specific Habano, enhancing the experience of enjoying a Habano.

The recommendation must include a specific beverage that complements the Habano, enriching the art of enjoying a Habano.

Evaluation is based on the preparation and service of both products, ensuring the utmost satisfaction in the process of enjoying a Habano.

How to Perfectly Match Flavours and Enhance Enjoyment

The list of beverages that have been paired with Habanos since 2000 is extensive. In addition to spirits like Cognac, you can include Armagnac, Jerez brandy, both single Malt and blended Whiskies, Tequila, and, of course, Rum from Cuba. The world of wine now embraces Ports, Champagnes, Sherries, as well as red and white wines from prestigious origins worldwide. Even the delicate taste of Iberico ham in a canapé has been identified as a suitable cigar companion, along with high-grade chocolate, sometimes infused with tobacco leaf.

Considering that there are over 250 different standard Habanos in 27 distinct brands to choose from, not to mention the annual specialties and aged Habanos kept by enthusiasts, the range of possible combinations for enjoying a Habano is vast.

While the traditional approach is to pair products with similar strengths to maintain balance, opposites can also create appealing combinations for enjoying a Habano. For instance, a full-flavoured Habano brand can be paired with a robust rum aged for many years in oak barrels. Conversely, a flavoured cigar can complement a lighter-tasting Armagnac.

In essence, sometimes you may prefer to savour the essential flavours and aromas of the cigar alone, while other times, you might choose to pair its fragrance with something that enhances the overall experience of enjoying a Habano. The goal is to discover delightful combinations that tantalise your palate when enjoying a Habano. Select your favourite Habanos, seek guidance from an expert like a Habanosommelier, and embark on a flavour exploration journey to enhance your experience of enjoying a Habano.

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