The Billionaire Timeless Treasure from Jacob & Co. is priced at $20M USD

Dive into the world of luxury with Jacob & Co.’s latest masterpiece, the Billionaire Timeless Treasure. Priced at a staggering $20 million USD, it showcases 425 yellow diamonds, 57 baguette-cut yellow diamonds, and a halo of tsavorites. The quest for the finest yellow diamonds spanned three and a half years, with the company using 880 carats of rough diamonds to craft this opulent piece.

If you’re looking to own Jacob & Co.’s latest masterpiece, the Billionaire Timeless Treasure, be prepared to pay a whopping $20 million USD. The company spent three and a half years scouring the globe for the finest, largest, and highest quality yellow diamonds, ultimately using 880 carats of rough diamonds to create a final piece weighing in at 216.89 carats. Each of the 425 diamonds was meticulously Asscher-cut and arranged in a mosaic tile pattern, taking thousands of hours to complete.

In addition to the diamond work, the watch also features a ring of tsavorites framing the dial, as well as 57 baguette-cut yellow diamonds. The intricate horological work that went into the dial and rear case is equally impressive, with the ultra-thin tourbillon almost imperceptible. The caliber, JCAM39, is surrounded by the green stones, completing the luxurious design.

CEO Benjamin Arabov spoke on the project, highlighting the incredible effort that went into gathering and scrutinizing the gems before and after setting. The gem setters worked entirely in Geneva, combining high jewelry expertise with watchmaking skills to create a unique piece that outshines all others in terms of opulence, exclusivity, and diamond quality.

This watch represents the pinnacle of high jewelry meeting high horological advancements, and it may well be Jacob & Co.’s crowning achievement. Who might be the lucky buyer of this lavish item? Only time will tell.

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