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In response to frequent queries about my preferred method for transporting cigars and accessories, I’ve explored several options. My latest endeavor involves The Cigar Holder leather case. This case is a comprehensive solution, ingeniously designed to carry cigars, lighters, cutters, and more in a single, elegant folio-style leather case.

The craftsmanship of this case is nothing short of impressive. Proudly made in Britain, it employs the finest Italian leathers and boasts a construction that’s robust and enduring—reminiscent of a tank in terms of durability. Throughout my travels, this cigar case has maintained its exquisite appearance, looking as good as new despite frequent use.

Functionality-wise, it shines, especially when carrying more than three cigars. The case conveniently holds up to five robusto size cigars, making it a practical choice for aficionados like myself.

However, no product is without its trade-offs. The sturdy build of this case, while a mark of its quality, also contributes to its weight. It’s not excessively heavy, but the heft becomes noticeable once fully loaded, which can be a bit cumbersome during long periods of carrying.

The case’s specific pockets for accessories present both a boon and a slight limitation. They fit perfectly if your accessories match the designated sizes, ideal for standard-sized items like St Dupont. But for those of us with gear from brands like Colibri and Les Fine Lames, it initially seemed a tight fit.

The Cigar Holder Case Taken by Omar on Nikon Z6

Overall, my verdict is clear: if you’re in the market for a cigar case of this style, The Cigar Holder’s case stands out in terms of craftsmanship and design. It’s my top pick among its peers.

Source: The Curiosity Project

The Cigar Holder Case Taken by Omar on Nikon Z6

A Note from The Cigar Holder:

We appreciate the insightful review from The Curiosity Project. We’d like to clarify for our customers that our leather case is designed with flexibility in mind. While specific accessory sizes are suggested, we have found through testing that various accessories, including the Les Fines Lames cutter, can indeed be accommodated in the case, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly experience for all our cigar aficionados.

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