Finally, many of you ask me what I use to carry my cigars and accessories in and I have been experimenting with a few different solutions.

The one I have recently been putting through its paces is The Cigar Holder leather case. In a nut shell its an all in one solution to carry your cigars, lighter, cutter and more in one folio style leather case.

The Cigar Holder Case Taken by Omar on Nikon Z6

From a craftsmanship perspective I am extremely impressed, this case is not only made in Britain but uses the finest Italian leathers and is quite literally built like a freaking tank.

During my numerous trips with this cigar case it still looks like a million bucks. All in all I have really been enjoying this case, particularly when I need to carry more than 3 cigars, this case comes in handy as I can get in 5 robusto size cigars rather easily.

The Cigar Holder Case Taken by Omar on Nikon Z6

Of course, every product has its detractions and for me, one of the benefits seems to be a double edged sword. The inane build quality of this item also means that it is heavy. It’s not ‘break your arm heavy’ but once you’ve got your cigars and paraphernalia all packed up you really do notice the weight at this point and it can get quite uncomfortable to carry around.

I am also not the biggest fan of the prescriptive pockets for your accessories, If you’ve got lighters and cutters that fit the exact size of the pockets in the case then happy days indeed, however, I have some stuff from Colibri and Les Fine Lames that I just couldn’t fit.

On the other hand, if you’re using the St Dupont stuff then you should be absolutely golden.

My final verdict would be, if you are looking to get a case of this style there are a few on the market but I must say from a craftsmanship and design perspective I am the biggest fan of this one.

Source: The Curiosity Project

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