Vegas Robaina Cigars: A Legacy of Cuban Cigar Heritage

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Vegas Robaina cigars epitomize Cuban cigar heritage. They weave a story of tradition and quality that began well before the Cuban Revolution, rooted in a family’s tobacco expertise.

Pre-Revolution History

While the brand of Vegas Robaina did not exist before the Revolution, its origins date back to the mid-19th Century. Don Alejandro Robaina, a descendant of expert tobacco growers, established a legacy in the Vuelta Abajo region of San Luis. This region is famous for producing world-class tobaccos.

Post-Revolution Emergence

Remarkably, 80% of Don Alejandro’s tobacco harvest annually qualified for wrapping Havana Cigars for export. This achievement was notable, especially when the average from other plantations was only 35%. Consequently, in 1997, Habanos S.A. launched the Vegas Robaina brand, celebrating premium tobacco quality.

Furthermore, the brand made its debut on June 6th, 1997, at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid, Spain. Don Robaina, then 78, led the launch. The brand achieved worldwide availability within months, gaining international recognition.

Characteristics of Vegas Robaina Cigars

Vegas Robaina cigars are famous for their strong tobacco flavour and robust strength. They also have a unique salty taste. New cigars present a bitter, tannic profile – a desirable trait in Cuban and Spanish cigar cultures. The Vegas Robaina Unicos, in particular, is strong and tannic, with a notable potential for aging.

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