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Vegas Robaina Cigars

Vegas Robaina cigars Pre-Revolution history

This brand did not exist before the Revolution.

Post-Revolution history

Don Alejandro Robaina comes from a family of tobacco growers who settled in the region of San Luis, Vuelta Abajo in the middle of the 19th Century.

Each year, 80% of Don Alejandro’s harvest is judged worthy of wrapping Havana Cigars for export, in contrast to an average of only 35% from the region’s other plantations.

In 1997, Habanos S.A. launched a new brand bearing the name of the legend in Cuba. Made in H. Upmann Factory, the brand was officially launched by Don Robaina, then 78 years old, on 6th June 1997, at the Ritz Hotel, Madrid, Spain. Vegas Robaina cigars were available worldwide within a few months’ time.

Characteristics of Vegas Robaina cigars:

The cigars are very strong in tobacco taste and robust in strength. The blend also sports a subtle salty taste. New cigars are noticeably quite bitter and tannic, which is not considered bad at all by Cuban and Spanish cigar culture.

The Vegas Robaina Unicos, tastes similar to Don Alejandro. Very strong and tannic. Tremendous aging potential anticipated.

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