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When cigars dry out, they can turn brittle and lose their flavour, aroma, and overall quality. Here’s what you need to know about dried-out cigars and how to keep them in top condition:

Loss of Moisture:
Cigars have a fine balance between moisture and tobacco. When they dry out, they lose some of this moisture. This makes the cigar brittle, hard to smoke, and affects its flavour and aroma.

Flavour Changes:
As a cigar loses moisture, its flavour and scent might become dull. The natural oils and sugars in the tobacco might also vanish, changing the cigar’s flavour.

Impact on Draw:
A dried-out cigar can have a tight draw, making it tough to smoke. It might also burn unevenly, which can spoil the quality of your smoke.

Keeping the Quality:
To keep cigars from drying out, it’s essential to store them correctly. They should be kept in a humidor or a sealed container. This keeps the humidity level around 70%, perfect for cigars.

In short, when cigars dry out, they turn brittle and lose their flavour and scent. Storing them properly ensures they remain in the best condition. By maintaining the right humidity, you can relish the full flavour of your cigars, ensuring a smooth draw and consistent burn.

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