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Where to buy cigars in Cuba

Before I reached Havana, I start researching potential places to visit and going on a shopping spree.

Hotel Inglaterra, Havana

Cuban cigars are cheaper in Cuba than in other countries but I think you should know a few facts about purchasing cigars in Havana.

The obvious, do not purchase cigars from anyone on the street offering you a great deal. These scammers will often approach you with an offer to sell cigars at an amazingly attractive price. Most of the time, the cigars offered are either fake or FAKE.

Smoking a fake cigar isn’t enjoyable at all.

Authentic cigars can be pricy even in Cuba and cost anywhere from 5 CUC to upwards of 400 CUC, or more.

To have an idea about the cost you will roughly exchange 1 GBP for 1 CUC, which is the local currency.

Hotel Bar, Inglaterra Havana

DON’T BUY CIGARS from your hotel doorman, waiter, or the pool lifeguard. Usually, they are earning your trust and 2 days later offer you Cuban cigars at an amazing price.

If you are visiting La Corona Cigar Factory, don’t buy cigars from the people outside the shop.

                    Counterfeit Cuban Cigars




As a quick first option, you can buy authentic Cuban cigars from your hotel shop. Don’t buy more cigars than you need with your first purchase.

Hotel Inglaterra, Havana has a small cigar shop and currency exchange.

4 min walk from National Capitol Building

416 Paseo de Martí

La Habana, Cuba

The best places to spend your money on real Cuban cigars are the official LCDH Shops – La Casa del Habano.

All the prices for cigars are the same in every LCDH Shop and you will avoid wondering if you purchased authentic cigars.


La Casa del Habano

5th Avenue & 16th Street



La Casa del Habano, Club Habana

Miramar (Beach)

5th Avenue between 188 & 192

La Casa del Habano

Hotel Habana Libre

L Street between 23 & 25

La Casa del Habano

Hotel Meliá Habana

Playa, 3rd Avenue between 76 & 80

La Casa del Habano, Partagás Cigar Factory
Calle Industria No. 530

Centro Habana

La Vega at Palacio de las Artesanías
Calle Cuba No. 64, entre Cuarteles y Peña Pobre Habana Vieja

La Casa del Habano, Hotel Conde de Villanueva
Mercaderes 1202, Esquina Lamparilla, La Habana Vieja

La Casa del Habano, Hotel Nacional
Calle 21 y O, Vedado

La Casa del Habano, Hotel Palco
Calle 11 y 146, Cubanacan, Playa

La Casa del Habano, Hotel Meliá Cohiba
Avenida Paseo, entre 1 y 3, Vedado

Casa del Tabaco La Escogida, Hotel Comodoro 
Avenida 3 y Calle 84, Playa

El Aljibe (Restaurant) Tienda de Tabaco 
Avenida 7 y Calle 24, Miramar

Enjoying a Cuban cigar and a Cristal beer after a long day.

Enjoy your smokes and don’t forget to leave your comment!

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