Buying Authentic Cuban Cigars: Your Ultimate Guide

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Cuba is renowned for its unparalleled tradition of cigar craftsmanship, making it a premier destination for enthusiasts looking to buy cigars. Whether you’re strolling through the cobblestone streets of Old Havana or browsing the state-owned tobacco shops, you’ll find that Cuba offers an authentic selection that caters to both seasoned aficionados and curious novices alike.

Explore Havana’s Cigar Heartland. Old Havana, or La Habana Vieja, stands as the pulsating heart of Havana’s rich cigar culture. Within its vibrant streets, aficionados can discover prestigious shops like the renowned Casa del Habano. With an extensive array of top-tier cigars and expert staff, finding your ideal smoke is assured.

Discover State-Owned Tobacco Sanctuaries. Scattered across Cuba, state-owned tobacco shops beckon with their promise of authentic purchasing experiences. Here, the connection between cigar and homeland is tangible, offering premium and exclusive local brands that you won’t find elsewhere.

Duty-Free: A Last Call for Connoisseurs. Your journey through Cuban cigar lore doesn’t end until the departure lounge. José Martí International Airport’s duty-free outlets present a curated selection of fine cigars at enticing prices, perfect for that final purchase before you fly.

A Cautionary Note: Avoid the Pitfalls. Beware the allure of street vendors and casual sellers. Cuban cigars carry the protection of international laws, and only reputable sources guarantee the trademark quality of a genuine product.

Authenticity Guaranteed by Habanos S.A. Only cigars certified by Habanos S.A. ensure the true Cuban essence, crafted exclusively with local tobacco and under stringent quality protocols.

Identifying the Genuine Article. From branding consistency with Habanos S.A.’s standards to the high-quality construction of the cigar box — discerning the authentic from the fake demands a keen eye. Verify the “Hecho en Cuba” stamp, the integrity of materials, labels, and price points to make an informed purchase.

Remember, when you’re looking for the perfect Cuban cigar, the key is to go to trusted retailers or authorized Habanos S.A. dealers. They are your assurance against counterfeits, providing not only a genuine product but also a piece of Cuban heritage.

Unauthentic Cuban cigar packaging

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