Welcome to Cigar Preservation: Choosing Your First Humidor

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Embarking on the journey of cigar appreciation starts with your ‘First Humidor Selection.’ This crucial step not only adds to your smoking experience but also ensures that your cigars remain in pristine condition, full of flavour and ready for when you are.

Humidor Essentials. A humidor doesn’t just store; it protects. It keeps cigars fresh, mirroring the climate of their origins. In a dry room, a cigar quickly loses its flavour. In contrast, a well-serviced humidor can preserve cigars for many years.

Selecting a Humidor. Variety abounds in humidors, from portable cases to large, room-sized units. Look for a humidor that maintains 70 to 75 percent humidity and 18 to 21 degrees Celsius.

Ensure Proper Airflow. A great humidor isn’t entirely sealed; it needs airflow to prevent mould. Choose a model with a Humifan and commit to regular care. Avoid tap water in the humidifier to prevent mineral buildup.

Consider Size and Climate. Buy a larger humidor than you think you need. Also, think ahead to the warmer months. A Cooler Humidor might be wise.

Humidor Setup. At the humidor’s core is a humidification device, often filled with moisture-retaining materials. Before placing cigars inside, prep the humidor. Wipe it with a sponge moistened with distilled water. Then, leave a water tray inside for 24 hours.

Xikar Cigar Travel Humidor

Enjoy Your Cigar Journey By taking these steps, your humidor will become a flavour-preserving chamber for your cigars. Start your cigar journey with the right equipment for an enriched experience.

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