Cool! You had your first, second, fifth cigar and you love it. You love them so much that you start thinking to purchase your first humidor to accommodate your future collection.

A humidor is an essential piece of equipment that will keep your cigars in perfect condition by maintaining them in similar conditions to those in which their tobacco grows.

A cigar kept in a heated room can dry out and lose all the flavors in less than an hour. In a properly serviced humidor, the temperature and humidity which mimics original conditions, a cigar can be kept for years.

The humidors are coming in different sizes and shaped forms – Travel Humidors which can hold just a few cigars to room-sized humidors. A humidor must be equipped with a device that maintains the internal humidity to a range of 70 to 75 percent and a temperature between 18 to 21 degrees C.

Very important to know that a humidor is not a sealed environment. Inside an airtight moisturized environment, cigars are likely to become moldy. For this reason, we strongly recommend having a Humifan, an air circulating device in your humidor.

In order to maintain your humidor, keep the lid or door shut, and periodically add distilled water to the humidifier. Do not use regular tap water as the minerals from it are likely to collect on the humidifier diminishing its functionality to emit moisture or on your cigars. 

Investing in a humidor is a very good decision. Our advice is to select a humidor that’s is bigger than what you think. At the same time, you might want to take into consideration the temperature during the summer season. If you know that the temperature will be high, we suggest investing in a Cooler Humidor. You want to check carefully the construction and features of your future humidor.

The first thing you will find in your humidor is the humidification device called humidifier. Usually, those devices are simple and contain either a floral foam, crystal gel or silica beads that slowly emits moisture.

Storing Cigars into a dry humidor can ruin your smokes. The humidor must be humidified before is ready to hold your cigars.

Wipe down the wood with a brand-new sponge which has been wet in distilled water. Once you finished place a small tray with distilled water inside the humidor for the next 24 hours.

The humidor has now absorbed all the water needed and now you can safely store your cigars.

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