Ben Affleck Opens Up About Difficult ‘Justice League’ Experience

Delving into ‘Affleck’s Justice Experience’ provides a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes challenges and emotions of Hollywood. In this piece, we’ll explore Ben Affleck’s candid thoughts on his time with the ‘Justice League’ and what made him reassess his connection with the superhero genre.

In a candid conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck expressed, “I wouldn’t direct for the DC Universe as it’s being led by James Gunn. Let me be clear: I have immense respect for James Gunn. He’s a fantastic professional, and I believe he’ll do wonders. However, the direction they’re taking is not something I’m passionate about. My experience during the filming of ‘Justice League’ has, in large part, influenced this decision.”

He didn’t hold back about the challenges faced during the making of the movie, stating, “One could lead an entire seminar on the myriad of issues we encountered during that production. Everything from internal production challenges to deeply personal tragedies left me feeling disillusioned.”

Interestingly, Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ remains Affleck’s top-rated movie on IMDb. Despite the accolades, Affleck’s enthusiasm for the superhero genre has waned. He elaborated, “Suddenly, I was receiving praise for a project I felt disconnected from. The idea of directing Batman excited me once, but after ‘Justice League’, I realized this wasn’t my path. Some of the experiences I faced during that time rank among the most trying of my career.”

Articulating his broader sentiments, he added, “An actor seeks engagement in their role, something beyond just donning a costume and reciting lines against a green screen. It’s not that I look down upon that form of cinema. It has its merits. But the process became tedious, and at times, physically exhausting. I reached a point where I felt creatively unfulfilled and wondered if this was the best use of my time, given the unpredictability of life.”

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