The Basics of Cigar Storage Tips

For many, cigars represent luxury and relaxation. But, if you’re not careful with how you store them, this luxury can quickly lose its charm. Employing the right cigar storage tips can mean the difference between a rich, flavourful experience and a flat, unimpressive one.

Humidity’s Role in Cigar Storage Cigars are sensitive to humidity changes. For optimum quality, they need an environment with 65% to 70% humidity. In damp conditions, they can mould, and when too dry, they might lose their rich flavour.

Why Temperature Matters Consistent temperature, ideally between 18°C and 21°C, is crucial. If it’s too warm, cigars dry out, and if too cold, the tobacco can suffer damage.

Ageing: A Delicate Balance Just as with wines, some cigars get better with age. Proper ageing in the right conditions can enhance their flavour. But improper storage can make them taste stale.

Balancing Air Exposure Cigars have a nuanced relationship with air. While a little exposure is beneficial, too much can be detrimental. Thus, keeping them sealed, preferably in a humidor, is ideal.

Summing It Up By following these cigar storage tips, you can ensure your cigars remain fresh and flavourful, offering the perfect experience every time.

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