Cigars are one of the most treasured collectible items in the world today. Just like vintage wines, cigars are highly prized and can demand a premium that often becomes collector’s items. This can be seen in the innumerable celebrities who smoke cigars and enjoy them.

Aspiring actors, musicians, athletes, and politicians all have one thing in common—they enjoy cigars. Some are lifelong fans, while others are recent converts to the pleasures of smoking Cuban Cigars or New World Cigars. We’ll look at some of the most noteworthy celebrity cigar smokers from various walks of life.


Bob and Neville Marley were two of the most famous musicians from Jamaica. The brothers became one of the most influential reggae artists, yet they were also recognized for their love of cigars. Bob Marley smoked Javanese cigars, where his nickname “Conquering Lion” came from. He was especially fond of smoking large-bodied cigars like the Bolivar Belicoso.


Al Capone was one of the most notorious and influential gangsters. He was known for his affiliation with the Italian mob. He took cigar smoking seriously, and he had over 100 cigar cases in his office to store. He even had one of his many mansions fitted with a humidor.


George Clooney is an actor and producer best known for his roles in Hollywood films. He’s also a cigar smoker and has joked that he’ll smoke cigars as long as possible. While most people know him for his acting, his love of cigars is far more noteworthy than this. Clooney enjoys high-quality Drew Estate cigars and has even been known to introduce new cigar smokers to the world of fine tobacco. George Clooney has become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood and enjoys smoking several varieties throughout the year. He did not like beer or whiskey, but he did enjoy cigars.


Tony Montana was a legendary drug lord who rose to fame during the 1980s. He was famous for his opulent and lavish lifestyle and even had a cigar roller on staff for him in his mansion. He was a big fan of Cuban cigars and often smoked Cohiba Robustos, which he ordered from abroad. Tony Montana became known as one of the drug lords who started smoking cigars and he was often shown smoking in various films depicting his life.


The Terminator is one of the most popular action actors of all time, and he also enjoys smoking cigars. The actor thought it made him seem challenging, but he was a big fan of flavored cigars like La Aurora. He’s even appeared on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine. Arnold Schwarzenegger was known for his love of cigars and the intense flavor they brought to his life. His lifestyle was full of action and adventure, so he sought refuge in fine tobacco, which was one of the main reasons he’s become a legend in film and the world of sports.


Manny Pacquiao is a Philippine professional boxer whose popularity has haunted the world of boxing for the last decade. He’s a top-rated fighter, and he even has his “Pacman TV” television show. He also enjoys smoking cigars, especially when he’s out at a nightclub or bar with his wife. Men like him who can still smoke cigars, despite being in the prime of their careers, are genuinely unique. This is reflected in his popularity among regular cigar smokers worldwide. He’s smoked numerous brands and enjoys Cohiba cigars and Partagas cigars, as well as wide other varieties available in his country.

Celebrities have always been known to enjoy cigars, and they’re often seen smoking on the big screen. The fact that they can afford to smoke fine cigars is a big reason they can afford them, yet they still recognize the importance of smoking quality tobacco. Cigars are top-rated in Hollywood in the United States and other smaller circles, but many celebrities worldwide smoke cigars regularly.

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