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As the RTD (Ready-To-Drink) market grows, last year’s U.S. sales soared to £10 billion. Given this trend, The Glenlivet has smartly introduced their Twist & Mix Drinks.

So, what sets these drinks apart?

  1. Blending Old and New: Firstly, The Glenlivet is bringing its whisky into famous cocktails. They’ve freshened up the beloved Old Fashioned and Manhattan.
  2. Refreshing Tastes: For the Old Fashioned, they’ve added hints of orange, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Meanwhile, the New Manhattan boasts of cherry and ginger.
  3. A New Direction: Johan Radojewski from Pernod Ricard has talked about updating malt whisky. Consequently, their new offering aims to appeal to modern tastes and satisfy the demand for high-quality, instant drinks.
  4. A Standout Cap: Moreover, the Vessl cap is unique. It holds a flavour chamber. When twisted, it releases these tastes, making it a novel feature in RTDs.
  5. Balanced Flavour: These drinks, although slightly sweet, are well-balanced. For instance, the Old Fashioned combines orange and bitters, while the Manhattan introduces a hint of ginger.
  6. Serving Tips: Ideally, serve them chilled. Furthermore, each bottle offers eight servings, and they have a 40% alcohol content.

Where can they be found?

Lastly, if you’re keen to try, The Glenlivet’s Twist & Mix Drinks are available on ReserveBar for £22. Additionally, for those who lean traditional, ReserveBar showcases Glenlivet’s entire range.

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