How Cigars Are Smoked: An Exquisite Journey into the Cigar Smoking Experience

How Cigars Are Smoked
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The artfully rolled cigar, akin to wine and haute cuisine, has garnered a prestigious status over time. Justifiably so, as premium cigars echo their origin, offering a distinct smoking experience. Yet, for beginners, embarking on this journey can be as daunting as exploring the nuances of fine wine or gourmet cooking. At The Cigar Holder, we strive to ease these concerns, guiding you through the elegant world of the cigar smoking experience.

Cigar enjoyment hinges on the unique tobacco blends that deliver an authentic, tangible experience, devoid of any psychoactive effects. It’s all about savoring the flavour and appreciating the aesthetic allure. The sight of a knowledgeable individual smoking a cigar is indeed captivating.

Inhaling cigar smoke is widely discouraged – it’s not beneficial for your lungs or overall health. The essence lies in taking a proper puff, akin to drawing air through a straw but without inhaling. Consider the smoke something to relish and ‘chew’ upon, rather than consume. Fill your mouth with enough smoke, then exhale. Repeat this four or five times, until your cigar starts producing a rich, thick smoke.

Understanding the Rhythm of Cigar Smoking

Once your cigar is smoking beautifully, transition to a more leisurely pace. Enjoy the flavors and the experience of the cigar in your hand. To maintain its burn, a gentle puff every 40 seconds suffices. Remember, cigar smoking is a marathon, not a sprint. You can pause and relight the cigar if necessary, ideally within two hours, to preserve its flavor and essence.

The choice of removing the cigar band is yours – some do it immediately, while others prefer to wait. If you opt to remove it, wait until the heat loosens the adhesive for an easy, damage-free removal. Cherish your cigar experience by keeping the band or capturing a photo for future reference.

As you smoke, the cigar tip will form a head of ash. In the cigar world, tapping it off like a cigarette is a faux pas. Gently roll the ash onto an ashtray to break it off.

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