Over time, the artfully rolled cigar has earned a similar level of prestige as wine and cuisine. This is justified, as the highest quality cigars reflect their place of origin and provide a unique smoking experience. However, starting the hobby can be daunting, much like fine wine, cooking, or golf. We are here to alleviate those concerns and guide you into the world of cigar smoking.

Cigar smoking relies on the distinct blends of tobacco to provide a real and tangible smoking experience without any psychoactive effects. It is all about the flavor and, while we acknowledge the potential health risks, the aesthetic appeal. There is something intriguing about seeing someone smoke a cigar, especially if they are knowledgeable about it.

It is common knowledge that inhaling a cigar is not recommended as it is not good for your lungs and body. The key is to take a good puff, similar to pulling air through a straw without inhaling it. Think of the smoke as something to savor and even chew on, rather than ingest. Take in enough smoke to fill your mouth, then exhale. Repeat this process four or five times, or more, until your cigar begins producing thick smoke.

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At this point, the cigar is smoking beautifully. Take a break from frequent puffing and savor the flavors while enjoying the experience of having the cigar in your hand. To keep it burning, take a puff every 40 seconds or so. Cigars can be intense, so treat it as a marathon, not a sprint. If necessary, you can pause and relight the cigar later on, but this should be done within two hours to maintain the flavor and taste.

Removing the cigar band is a matter of personal preference. Some prefer to do it right away, while others like to leave it on. If you choose to remove it, we recommend waiting until the heat of the cigar has loosened the adhesive. This will make it easier to remove the band without damaging the cigar’s wrap. If you enjoyed the cigar, consider keeping the band or taking a picture to remember it for future purchases.

As you smoke, the tip of the cigar will begin to develop a head of ash. Avoid tapping it off like a cigarette, as this is frowned upon in the cigar world. Instead, gently roll the ash onto the ashtray until it breaks off.

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