Hurricane Ian’s Devastating Blow to Cuba’s Cigar Legacy

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Introduction: A Storm Hits Home Amid the global turmoil of the pandemic, Cuba’s cigar industry now faces Hurricane Ian’s destructive aftermath. The storm struck at the worst possible time: the start of the tobacco planting season in October.

The Heart of the Storm: Pinar del Rio The region of Pinar del Rio, renowned for its premium tobacco, bore the brunt of Ian’s fury. The storm demolished wooden structures vital for curing tobacco and eroded the prepared fields, significantly impacting the upcoming planting.

Production Woes: A Closer Look Pilar del Rio, which produces 65% of Cuban tobacco, along with Vuelta Abajo, known for its unique leaves, have suffered greatly. The damage includes 226 tons of August’s harvested tobacco in San Luis.

Cuba’s Cigar Economy: Resilience Amidst Ruins Despite the devastation, the Cuban cigar industry’s resilience shines through. In 2021, exports reached $568 million, up by 15%. However, the infrastructure supporting this industry, including Tabacuba’s facilities, now lies in tatters.

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