Football And Cigars: A Time-Honoured Tradition

Football And Cigars
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The Historical Roots of Cigar Celebrations Delve into the past at the carnivals brimming with games and spectacles. Here, cigars emerged as the coveted prize, birthing the phrase “close but no cigar”. This expression, once a carnival motivator, now epitomises the near-win in sports and beyond.

Cigars: The Quintessential Emblem of Victory Fast forward to modern triumphs where the cigar has become the ultimate symbol of celebration. As victorious moments unfold, a fine cigar often features, marking the achievement. This tradition, once predominantly American, has gracefully permeated the football world. Players, after a season of relentless pursuit, find solace and celebration in the ritual of a good smoke.

Iconic Moments in Football Celebrations Consider Frank Lampard, who, in the wake of his 2012 Champions League victory, became an icon for locker room celebrations with a cigar in hand. Gerard Piqué and his 2015 Champions League revelry took it further, using the trophy as a footstool amidst a celebratory smoke. The 2010 World Cup highlighted the Spanish team’s love for Cuban cigars, with notable players making it a part of their victory ritual. This trend echoes in the victories of Morata, Eden Hazard, and Memphis Depay, each marking their triumphs with a lit cigar.

The Modern Victory: A Slow, Savoring Smoke Today, celebrating with a cigar transcends the quick jubilation. It symbolizes a moment to pause, reflect, and truly savour the victory. This change in celebration culture reflects a broader acceptance of the sophisticated and contemplative act of smoking a cigar. Figures like Zlatan Ibrahimovic embody this evolution, marking career milestones not with a fleeting moment but with a deliberate, savouring smoke.

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