A cigar mystery box is a package that contains a selection of cigars that are chosen and packed by a seller, usually a cigar retailer or distributor, based on a particular theme or set of criteria.

The specific cigars that are included in the box are often a surprise to the buyer, hence the name “mystery box.”

Cigar mystery boxes can be a fun and exciting way for cigar enthusiasts to try new cigars and expand their collection. The selection of cigars included in a mystery box can vary widely, from a curated selection of premium cigars to a mix of budget cigar brands and blends.

Some mystery cigar boxes also include additional accessories, such as a Boveda pack, a cutter or lighter, to enhance the smoking experience.

They are often sold at a discount compared to buying the individual cigars separately, making them a popular option for those looking to try out new cigars without breaking the bank.

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