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Cigar enthusiasts often run into a few common pitfalls. Understanding the frequent mistakes cigar smokers make can help enhance one’s smoking experience. Below, we delve into these mistakes and how to steer clear of them.

Storing Your Cigars: The Basics
Cigars need to be kept in a humidor at the right temperature and humidity. This ensures they retain their flavour and aroma. In a dry environment, they risk drying out. Conversely, in overly humid conditions, they might develop mould.

How To Cut Your First Cigar
It’s crucial to cut your cigar at the appropriate spot. This prevents it from falling apart or burning unevenly. Remember, using a blunt cutter or not snipping enough off the cap can lead to a challenging draw or an uneven burn.
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Lighting Up: Choose Wisely
Steer clear of using a petrol lighter. The fumes can negatively affect your cigar’s flavour. Instead, go for a jet flame lighter, soft flame lighter, or cedar matches.
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Inhaling: Less is More
Inhaling cigar smoke can be harmful. It’s best to simply draw the smoke into your mouth and then exhale, rather than inhaling deeply.
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Pacing: Slow and Steady
Rushing through your cigar? Think again. Smoking too swiftly can heat it up excessively, altering its taste and burn pattern. Always take your time to enjoy every puff.

Authenticity: Avoid the Fakes
For newcomers, the world of cigars can be tricky. Fake products abound. Always prioritise buying from reputable sellers, and when in doubt, consult online reviews and guides.
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Disposal: The Right Way
Once you’ve finished, ensure you dispose of your cigar correctly. Let it naturally burn out in an ashtray. Once completely extinguished, it can be safely thrown away. If outdoors, always ensure the cigar is cold before disposal.

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