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The Origins in the Americas
“Cigar History Unravelled” takes us back to a time long before European explorers set foot on American shores. The native peoples, especially the Mayans and Aztecs, were among the first to craft and enjoy cigars, marking the beginning of a rich tapestry of traditions.

More Than Just Smoking
For these indigenous communities, cigars played vital roles in religious ceremonies and grand celebrations. The belief was strong that the smoke from these rolled leaves had healing powers, making them important for health rituals as well.

Columbus Introduces Cigars to Europe
In 1492, when Columbus and his crew landed in the Americas, they quickly took a liking to cigars. They didn’t just enjoy them locally but also introduced them to Europe. Soon after, Europeans embraced the cigar culture, intrigued by its unique taste and the sense of novelty.

Europe Joins the Cigar Movement
By the 1500s, seeing the rising demand, countries like Spain started making cigars. They aimed to recreate the unique flavors they’d tasted from the New World, marking the onset of the European cigar industry.

The Cigar Boom of the 1800s
The 1800s brought a massive surge in cigar production. Countries with suitable climates, especially Cuba and the Dominican Republic, stood out as the primary cigar producers. Their products gained worldwide acclaim, setting high standards in the world of cigars.

Cigars Today: A Global Tradition
Now, cigars are not just about smoking; they symbolise style, luxury, and tradition. Everywhere, enthusiasts gather to discuss flavors, share experiences, and revel in the art of cigar smoking.

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