6 Things To Consider Before Buying a Leather Cigar Case

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That’s what a leather cigar case says about you. But with so much variety, how do you choose the best one for you?
In this article, we’re breaking down 6 things to consider before buying a leather cigar case! By the end of it, you’ll have an idea of what to look for and you’ll be much more educated about how to choose your new fantastic leather cigar case! Let’s begin.

Machine-Made vs Hand-Made

Most of the market for leather cigar cases consists of Machine-Made ones.
It’s cheaper for the companies to make them like that and they’re able to sell them at a more affordable price for you. This means that they spend less money to make them and more people buy them. But you don’t need 10 cheap ones – you need a really good one!
So consider a hand-made leather cigar case. An example of a well-crafted leather cigar case would be our Sierra Maestra Cigar Cases collection. The quality and attention to detail are leagues above what mass production can achieve and hand-made means that your bag is going to be completely unique!

Type of Leather Used

The type of leather you choose greatly affects how your cigar case looks and feels.
Full-grain is what you’re looking for. It delivers amazing quality and looks better even after years of using the case!
Bonded leather is what you’re trying to avoid. It’s made from scraps that are pieced together chemically and the results aren’t good. The quality goes down, it wears out faster and it just doesn’t feel right.

Always go for full-grain leather – you won’t regret it!


When do you want it to fall apart? Never, right?

So make sure you get a really durable cigar case and not a flimsy piece of leather that lasts you 3 months. You want your cigar case to last for as long as possible. Here’s what to look for to achieve that:

Stitching Quality – check through all of the stitching and see if it’s well done. If it seems sloppy and untrustworthy just forget about it. You want the best bag you can get your hands on – you don’t have time to mess around with sloppy stitching that’s going to make your bag fall apart in less than 6 months.

Inside Lining Quality – If you’re in a physical store, open the bag up, look inside and make sure everything looks alright! Don’t be afraid to touch around and to feel out if everything’s in place! A few extra minutes of quality control can make sure you get a bag that lasts a decade and not just a season.

Durable Straps, Handles, Zipper, and Metal Guardian – this is a big one. Imagine putting your cigars and cigar accessories in your brand-new cigar case and as soon as you go out the straps rip apart and the bag falls. Do you really want to risk damaging your precious cigars? No! So check to see how strong and durable the straps and handles are! Be sure to check for zipper and metal cigar guardian as well!

Country of Origin

The country in which the cigar case is made plays a big role in the quality.

There are certain countries like Great Britain, Canada, and Italy that make quality leather cigar cases but make sure to not buy one just because it has a label that said it was made in Italy. Big businesses know that people buy cigar cases made from Italian leather so they make their cigar cases in China apparently from ” Italian leather”.

Leather traceability is a fundamental element of today’s value chain. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how and where their cigar cases are made, therefore providing evidence of traceability of materials can be challenging for some brands, retailers, and manufacturers.

Your Budget

This is simple – if you don’t have enough money for a cigar case then it’s off-limits. Sometimes leather bags can cost more than £80 and sometimes that might be a bit too much for your budget.

But always remember: if you buy a cheap leather cigar case, it’s likely to be poor quality and it’ll break, wear out or not be fit for purpose.


With everything else taken care of – now it’s time for style. You know it’s a durable cigar case, you know it has enough pockets, you know that your cigars and accessories will fit in it, and you know it’s good leather. If it has all these things and you really like it – you’re set. You’ve found your cigar case and you’re ready to take on the world with it!

These are The 6 Things To Consider Before Buying a leather cigar case! Make sure you take into consideration all of these so you get the perfect one!

Thank you for reading!

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