Detachable Leather Strap for Cigar Case


Made in Britain
Production process: handmade
Made of: Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather
Lifetime warranty
Dimensions: 22 x 0.8 cm

£ 40.00

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Detachable Leather Strap is made from Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather. The trademark and logo “Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana” (Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather) represent the symbol that guarantees this leather as an icon of excellence.


The warranty card certifies the origin, the state-of-the-art manufacturing process and the naturalness of the vegetable tanned leather produced by the tanneries associated with the consortium. Each tag is printed with anti-counterfeiting techniques and carries a progressive serial number that allows the consortium to identify, at anytime and anywhere in the world, both the tannery supplying the leather and the manufacturer of the product. To complete the guarantee kit, the Consortium offers the guarantee seal, made of natural cotton cord with irreversible closure bearing the consortium logo.

Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather, recognizable by its trademark, does not contain any toxic substances such as azo-dyes, nickel, PCP, or chrome VI, harmful not only to man but also to the environment. Choosing a product made of Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather means choosing a one-of-a-kind object that uniquely reflects the owner’s values and lifestyle.

Please note, colour may differ slightly from the actual item due to the monitor’s display. 


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